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Acupuncture and Western Medicine:
The BSTCM works hard to introduce acupuncture as a traditional Eastern therapeutic approach and relate it to the  modern innovated high-technology-based inventions of the Western Medicine. We try to popularize acupuncture as a powerful, non-pharmaceutical holistic (as a whole) regimen of great value, rather than an exotic „rudimentary“ way of treatment.

The Acupuncture fellowship  is an academically-based section at the Post-graduate Department of the Sofia Medical University.  The program is centered at the Department of Dermatology , Faculty of Medicine, Sofia and includes an individual basic course of tree-month duration,  ending with a Board certification exam, giving the right of legal acupuncture practicing. The course curriculum covers all the TCM philosophy aspects, acupuncture points and meridians system, the organs-systems interaction in the TCM point of view, and acupuncture micro systems, and moxibustion treatment. An accent is given to the TCM basic syndromes and their correlation to the Western diagnostic methods, as well as ways of needling with their indications and contraindications. Practical workshops are main points of every-day educational sessions.

The Bulgarian Society of Traditional Chinese medicine organizes short theoretical courses and presentations. Simultaneous BSTCM seminars have been turned into a tradition at the Winter and Summer Medical Universities in Pamporovo and Bansko.

Scientific - research activies
BSTCM has always encouraged and supported research activities in the field of Acupuncture and its related techniques – laser therapy, electroacupuncture, kryopuncture, etc. with the objective to statistically prove  their therapeutic efficacy and to optimize acupuncture application on a routine every-day basis. Despite the recent devaluation of the Acupuncture approach and the lack of financial support for more broadly-based scientific studies, BSTCM tries to protect its scientific nature and preserves a place for Acupuncture as a safe, beneficial and prospective therapeutic method of the third Millennium. 

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