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What is acupuncture
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What is acupuncture

A therapeutic approach of special skin points needling stimulation, worked out in Ancient China. The term comes from the Latin words acus /a needle/ и pungere /to needle/. Following the Chinese concepts of health prevention, the Acupuncture objective is to harmonize the flood of Qi /The Inner energy/ in the Blood-Xue and balance it strictly. Probably, Acupuncture came out from the Chinese folk remedy traditions thousand years ago.  The oldest document that has reached us is the Huandi Nei-Jing /The Inner Aspect Book/, which is believed to be written by the legendary Yellow Emperor /Huan Ti, 2697-2596 b. Ch./. Interestingly, this has ever been the most popular Acupuncture textbook which served as a Golden standard for all future research work till the end of the last century. Acupuncture was introduced in the Western world by some Jesuit monks that had visited China in XVII century. However, it was in 1934, when the French chinologist and diplomat Morane published his extended work on the problems of Acupuncture giving the Western medical practitioners a basis for future scientific research and application of the method. The beginning of the XX century marks an enormous Renaissance in the interest to Acupuncture and its related techniques, demonstrated by both physicians and patients.  Probably, this stable interest comes from the need of finding a great number of safe, complex and holistically-orientated therapeutic approaches.

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