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Medical Methods

Intimate mechanisms of Acupuncture treatment do not seem rational to a Western mind. Herbal remedies, balanced diet, massage and acupressure  techniques, althogough substantially presented, can hardly be understood, let say no words about the “immaterial” Acupuncture.  Needling alone improves Qi and achieves balance of the Inner Energy. No additional pharmacology substances are needed. Therefore, Acupuncture is a therapeutic approach of utmost significance with great future prospectives that gives perfect results safely and with no side effects.

It seems that the active point sites have different tissue structure characterizing with more cell-to-cell interactions, nerve endings, mastocytes, fibroblasts, and plenty of connective tissue. Thus, different physical and electro-physiological parameters have been obtained to cause better tissue conductivity and lower skin impedance. Perhaps, the most rational theory on the intimate mechanisms of Acupuncture treatment is based on the “embryogenetic connections” that rather easily explain its local, segmental, organ-based and total stimulating effect.

The active points are related into a system of channels /meridians/ which form Qi paths along which the Inner Energy is distributed throughout the body. French researchers have scientifically proven their existence under experimental conditions with radio-isotopic methods. 

Active points access. The channels /12 double and 2 single/ contain 365 Acu points. A skillful professionalist should correctly know their sites by measuring the body surface through the measure unit Tsun /proportional and individual/, through other topographic points, or via detectors, selecting the sites of lower skin impedance.

The acupuncturist's tool is an Acu needle. It is thin, solid, and of different length. Usually the needle is made of steel, gold or silver. The needle end is a copper scroll. Preferably single needles should be used.

Is it hurts? The answer is NO. The needles are very thin and flexible, causing no discomfort in the site of action. The needling approach, however, is essential for the subjective symptoms that occur. Two main approaches exist: stimulating /to enhance/ and sedating /to relax/. The depth of needling depends on the patient, the point location /the head points are more superficially manipulated/, and the therapeutic aim.

Procedure duration. The enhancement approach requires 5-25 minutes of action, while the sedating method lasts 30 minutes. The acute entities are treated once weekly, while the chronic relapsing diseases require 2-3 sessions a week up to the total number of 15 procedures. A second course of treatment may be introduced in 3-4 months. 

Moxibustion – a few words.  Active points burning with a special cigar of absinth substance /MOXA/ is called Moxibustion. The method is so closely related to Acupuncture that both approaches are known as Jen-Dzu. The term MOXA stays for „burning herb“. The burning process accumulates Heat and leads to Cold and Dampness elimination thus stimulating the flood of Qi.

Other Acupuncture-related techniques are also available – ear lobe acupuncture /Auriculotherapy/, hand-foot acupuncture /Su-Jock/, etc. The ative points may be  handled with electro-, laser-, kryo- stimuli as well.  

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