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In 1979 the World Health Organization issued a list of clinical entities liable to Acupuncture treatment. 

Among them are:

  • arterial hypertension, paroxysmal tachycardia, endarteriitis obliterans;
  • asthma bronchiale, chronic bronchitis; reccuren upper respiratory tract infections;
  • peptic ulcer, gastro-duodenitis chronica, gall-bladder dysfunction, chronic cholecystitis;
  • renal colic, chronic cystitis, chronic prostatitis;impotence;
  • Obesity, gout, diabetes mellitus, arthritis,  and arthrosis;
  • migraine, brain stroke rehabilitation, Raynaud disease, facial hyper kinetic syndrome, stammer, facial and trigeminal neuralgia, neuritis, enuresis nocturna, radiculitis, disk hernia, neurosis;
  • Menier syndrome,  allergic rhinitis, auditory nerve neuritis;
  • alopecia areata, psoriasis, chronic eczema, acne, neurodermitis, chronic urticaria hypogalactia, climacteric syndrome, amenorrhea, infertility,

Acupuncture cannot cure any disease. Alike the others, it is a limited method of treatment. Often it should be referred to as a complimentary or additional approach in the complex therapeutic regimen. The skillful acupuncturist always takes correct clinical story, carefully examines the patient with the diagnostic tools of both Eastern and Western Medical school and works out a treatment algorithm based on the patient's individual physical and psychological features.

The Bulgarian Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine has the ambition of popularizing acupuncture as a modern, safe, affordable, and highly beneficial way of health prevention and treatment. It is our aim to keep all the colleagues with special interest in the filed of Acupuncture well-informed on the recent innovations, and new research achievements in the TCM techniques.  All related queries are warmly welcome.
Foe patient's convenience a list of all legally practicing Bulgarian acupuncturists  will be published duly.

The BSTCM Board shall be glad to have a feed-back with your impressions and advices. Additional details and information needed can be found on the aforementioned contact addresses.

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