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The „Acupuncture“ journal has been issued since 1998. It is the official BSTCM publication and refers original papers, reviews, abstracts of scientific articles, discussing the problems of Acupuncture treatment; clinical trials; research studies on the TCM therapeutic approaches; and case reports. The publication is the only one of its kind that is issued in Bulgarian language thus being an important professional manual.

Acupuncture 2007; (9) 1. Contents:

Original paper: Pruritus and acupuncture- Iliev E, Broshtilova V.


  • Acupuncture and transcutaneous nerve stimulation in brain stroke rehabilitation.
  • Resolution of reflectory miocardial ischemia after medial nerve stimulation – a feline electroacupuncture model.
  • Experimental reno-vascular hypertension reduction via an acupuncture-acquired NO synthesis approach
  • Acupuncture and smoking cessation approaches
  • The state of complimentary and alternative medicine in the cardio-vascular and pulmonary hematologic studies.
  • Children pain relief using complimentary and alternative medicine approaches.
  • The use of "hot Qi" term by the parents in Hong Kong to describe their children symptoms
  • The infra-red thermography insufficiency to visualize meridian-like structures evolved after stimulation.

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